Five Things You Can Do to Protect Your River

1 Be River Friendly:
Keep new construction away from the river.
Keep a natural buffer of plants between the shoreline and your house.
Keep your landscape natural: don't fill wetlands, remove ice ridges, or change the topography.

2 Cleanup up your river's shoreline. Contact Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' Adopt a River at 1-800-766-6000.

3 Learn how people have used the river over time.
Contact the Institute for Minnesota Archaeology, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources state parks, Minnesota Historical Society or your county historical society.

4 Learn what fish, animals, birds, reptiles and amphibians live within your river.
Contact the DNR's Natural Heritage Program, read Janine Benyus' Northwoods Wildlife, or other guides to wildlife.

5 Start a monitoring project on your river.